What People Are Saying


“[Courtney’s] calm, non-judging personality was exactly what I needed.  Rather than telling me how I “should” be doing things, she watched, listened, and THEN provided suggestions and guidance based on our unique child and our natural parenting styles.” – Natalie, mom to baby C

“Having Courtney there to take care of [A] made an incredibly difficult situation much more bearable. My husband I were able to rest, knowing that our daughter was being cared for by someone that was not only very competent in the specific needs that [A] had, but was warm and loving as well. She respected all of our wishes for our daughter’s nighttime care, and while she offered suggestions, she always left the final decisions regarding care up to us.” – Amanda, mom to baby A (born at 25 weeks)

“Being that our girls were premature, they both had colic. Courtney had some great suggestions and helped us work through these challenges.  She is very knowledgeable and takes pride in her education by always looking for ways to further enhance her skills.” – Haley, mom to twins K and G (born at 30 weeks)

“[Courtney] taught me more about breastfeeding in 30 minutes than my lactation consultant taught me in 4 days at the hospital. The postpartum days are exhausting and emotionally charged, and I didn’t realize how much I needed that companionship and someone who understood how trying it was, whether it’s your first child or your third.” – Liz, mom to baby R

“[Courtney] was instrumental in helping us get settled at home, caring for our son overnight, aiding in lactation issues & identifying the fact that our son had reflux. Courtney’s calming presence and extensive knowledge truly made the transition possible.” – Lauren, mom to baby C